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Our Coaches are experts at facilitating execution and implementation of action plans.

Executive success requires day-to-day, week-to-week execution of strategies, tactics and activities targeted toward achievement of plans, goals and objectives. Great plans and intended activities are meaningless without effective execution.

  • Andy Robinson

    President & CEO

    Andy is a leading authority on executive success and 20-year executive coaching and business coaching veteran. His own success is driven by a passion for helping others maximize their influence and impact, love what they do for a living and achieve life-changing success. He is called upon frequently to speak and present to leadership groups and teams. Andy is also an avid road cyclist, past president of the Naples Velo Cycling Club, husband, father and native of Atlanta, Georgia. Andy currently resides in beautiful Naples, Florida.

My Beliefs — The foundation around which my executive coaching practice is built:

  • I believe we are all capable of accomplishing much more than what we’ve accomplished so far — untapped potential resides in us all

  • I believe that when we figure out how to unlock the “code” to leveraging our potential and then deal effectively with the things that may be holding us back …. we will accelerate our rise to a whole new “next level” of performance — teeing us up for long term career success

  • I believe we all get so tied up in the day-to-day “swirl of activity” that we fail to focus on those things that leverage our potential and propel us to that next level. Focus is the key

  • I believe everyone can and should love what they do for a living. If your job and career is fully aligned with your purpose, potential and strengths, then you can and will love what you do for a living

  • And finally, I believe balancing and integrating work, professional, personal and family goals is an absolute key to sustainable success and happiness — All of us are capable of achieving optimum balance and integration once we know the key

Executive Coach
Business Coach
Leadership Development Coach
Team Development Coach
Strategic Planning Coach
Executive Career Transition Coaching
Contributing Author, Coach, & Talk Show Host
  • Over 20 years experience as an executive coach and business coach, and over 25 years business and leadership experience across a variety of industries, serving scores of companies of all sizes (Fortune 100 to small, locally owned businesses) as a management consultant, professional advisor and outside executive coach.

  • 10 years experience with a top-tier management consulting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), serving in practice leadership and practice director roles, and spear-heading a national human resources development role for one of PwC’s business lines

  • Proud to be selected as a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC)

  • BBA-University of Georgia; MBA-Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Carrie Robinson

    Managing Director

    Carrie is a native of Medford, Massachusetts and resides in Naples, Florida with her husband and business partner, Andy Robinson and son, Michael Robinson. When she is not working, you will find her teaching a variety of fitness classes and belly dancing on stage. She is very passionate about dancing and loves vintage belly dance music, costuming and accessorizing. “I love to try new things and enjoy life to the fullest. I enjoy sharing this amazing source of energy, which fuels helping others succeed in business and life.”

What Inspires Me:

I love helping people and companies succeed. Recruiting and Resume Writing has been the foundation of my professional career. Over the last several years I discovered Personal Branding and Social Media Consulting as another way to bring success to my clients. I help individuals and businesses grow through creating a unique brand style and using social media to drive their success.

  • I love to help individuals and businesses develop and navigate the world of social media with integrated solutions, powerful Social Media Profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles, and Facebook and LinkedIn Pages, Blogging, Resumes, Newsletters, Personal Branding and more.

  • I provide complete social media profile writing services and educational assistance with tips, secrets and strategies for profile optimization, personal branding and growing and nurturing your network.

  • I provide resume writing service to help clients create a resume with WOW factor. I have 99.0% success rate in obtaining the first interview. I also specialize in working with high school, college students and 20-somethings.

Executive Recruiter
Social Media Expert
Personal Branding Expert
Expert Resume Writer
Certified Online Social Media Profile Writer
Certified Online Professional Networking Strategist
Contributing Author, Coach, & Talk Show Host
  • 20 years experience as an executive recruiter with hundreds of successful placements in the fields of management consulting, information technology, and professional services.

  • 15 years experience as an executive branding specialist helping clients develop highly compelling personal marketing plans and collateral material for purposes of achieving career advancement and career transition objectives. 5 years experience in social media as a certified on-line networking specialist with a specialty in LinkedIn.

  • Expertise in energy, chemical, oil, gas, utilities, real estate, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in strategy, operations, business process improvement, business process re-engineering, Six Sigma, technology, supply chain, M&A, banking/financial advisory services and leadership development and training.

  • BA-University of Massachusetts

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