Take Advantage of “Found Time”


As I was I was sitting in the airport coming back from a business trip last weekend, I had some downtime while waiting for the plane to arrive. I realized I had some “found time” available you know, those small pockets of time we FIND each day …. between phone calls, while we’re on hold waiting, while we’re waiting on a doctor, the inevitable flight delay, the traffic back up, the time spent waiting for someone to show up at a meeting or appointment, etc. (the list goes on….).

Found time should be viewed as a GIFT — extra (unplanned) time given to us when SOMETHING can be done.

How will YOU take advantage of your found time today? Use that time to….

  • Make a phone call,
  • Respond to an email,
  • Read a blog or magazine article (I keep reading material AND podcasts/audios on my iPad and iPhone for that very purpose),
  • Write a quick thank you note to someone,
  • Review your goals,
  • Review your task list (and perhaps find something you can do right NOW).

Make it a point today to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR FOUND TIME.


Andy Robinson

Executive Coach
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